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Welcome to the Lok Sewa current affairs section of this blog. In this section, you will get all the information related to the latest and trending issues of various fields.

Lok Sewa Aayog always seeks the latest events so that it could be asked as the current affairs questions in the exams of Kharidar, Nayab Subba, Section Officer, etc.

Not only that, but Lok Sewa current affairs questions are also important for the exams of other sectors such as government-owned banks, authorities, corporations, etc.

Therefore, here we have collected all the current affairs question-answers about the latest events that have occurred in Nepal as well as worldwide this year for you so that you can be well prepared for the exams.

Lok Sewa current affairs as of Baishakh 2076.

  1. As per the 56th Annual Report of Auditor General Office for Fiscal Year 2074/75, how much is the uncleared amount (बेरूजु रकम) has reached? – Rs. 6 Kharb, 83 Arab, 66 Crore.
  2. Who is declared as Year Person 2075 by Nepal Saptahik? – Durga Devi Pant (Mother of Nirmala Pant), Kanchanpur.
  3.  When and where was the soft launching of Visit Nepal Year 2020 has held?  – Chaitra 30, 2076 in Pokhara.
  4. As per the Urban Development Ministry of Nepal, in how many places will be new cities constructed? – 45 (27 new cities, 13 smart cities, and 5 mountain cities).
  5. What is the name of the new cricket format that Wales and England cricket board going to start from next year? – The Hundred (Cricket game having innings of only a hundred balls).
  6. On the history of National games, when was paragliding include in Nepal?  From the 8th National Game.
  7. On the History of Astronomy, when was the picture of the black hole has taken the first time? – April 10, 2019.
  8. Whom did Nepal’s highest award ‘Nepal Ratna 2075’ has given? – Pusplal Shrestha.
  9. As per the report of the National Planning Commission and UNICEF, what is the current rate of productive population in Nepal? – 62. 68 Percent.
  10. When was the government of Nepal had dismissed the provision of five development region? – Chaitra 28, 2075.
  11. Who won the ‘Rastriya Kalashree Award 2075’? Bairagi Kaila.
  12. When was the first Satellite of Nepal (Nepali Satellite – 1) launched? – Baishak 5, 2076.
  13. When did the government of Nepal start a Health Insurance Project for Senior Citizens? – Baishakh 1, 2076.
  14. Who was the first lady holding Guinness Book of World Record for playing ‘Sitaar’ while standing? – Sitamaiyya Rajchal, Nepal.
  15. Which school of Nepal has got Guinness Book of World Record certificate on Baishakh 2, 2076? – Samata School, Kathmandu.
  16. Which organization has got the prestigious Pulitzer Award 2019? – Capital Gadget, American Local Magzine.
  17. When was Lumbini Visit Year started? – Jestha 2, 2076.
  18. Who won the Men’s Cricket on the 8th National Games of Nepal? – APF against Nepal Police.
  19. According to Madel Tally of the 8th National Games, which team had held the first position? – Nepal Police.
  20. In which position is Nepal on the Happiness index 2019? – 100th.
  21. When did Nepal sign Traffic and Transportation Protocol with China? – April 29, 2019.
  22. When did First Formed Police Unit of Nepal Police close? – Baishakh 17, 2076.
  23. When did the Japanese Emperor has resigned from his throne? – April 30, 2019.
  24. Who won the Mr. Himalaya Body Building Competition 2076? – Umesh Rai, Galaxy Fitness, Jhapa.
  25. Who won the title of Miss Nepal 2019? – Anuska Shretha.
  26. Who won the National ICT Award 2019? – Nepal Police.

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