This exam center update is for the Rastriya Beema Company exam center and exam schedule for the vacancy published on Bhadra 8, 2075. Similarly, this update is for the RBC vacancy advertisement number from 1/2075-76 to 11/2075-76.

Furthermore, this Rastriya Beema Company exam update is for the post of Manager, Co-Manager, Deputy Manager and Assistant. All the information for this exam center update has collected from the website of Rastriya Beema Company, and Gorkhapatra. Here is the detail of the RBC exam schedule and exam center.

Rastriya Beema Company Exam Center

Central Office of Lok Sewa Aayog, Anaamnagar has set as exam center for Manager (Level 9), Deputy Manager (Level 7, CA, Computer Engineer), Co-Manager (Level 8) and Assistant (Agriculture technician, Animal Technician).

Similarly, Mahendra Bhawan Higher Secondary School has set as exam center for Assistant Manager (Level – 6), Assistant (Level 4, Ka, Kha). However, Madan Bhandari Memorial College has also set as an exam center for some candidates of Assistant (Level 4, Kha). See detail in the screenshot of RBC exam notice.

Exam Schedule of Rastriya Beema Company Exam

The exam of Beema Company will take place form Mangshir 1 to Mangshir 10 of 2075. Similarly, the exam time will be 11:00 am and 1:00 pm as per paper and post. The detail exam schedule of RBC is as follows:

Rastriya Beema Company exam notice
Rastriya Beema Company exam notice

You can also download this RBC exam notice from the link given at the end of this post.

How to get entrance card for RBC exam?

The information for getting entrance card is not given in Rastriya Beema Company exam notice. Therefore, you may already have an entrance card. If you don’t have an entrance for the RBC exam, then please contact the nearest office of Rastriya Beema Company within time.

At last, you will have to follow some strict rules during RBC exam, which are given in the Rastriya Beema Company Exam notice. Also, we wish you good luck for the RBC exam. Do hard work to get success in this exam of RBC.